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Choose BASIC Cotton Nappy - Pack of 5

Choose BASIC Cotton Nappy - Pack of 5

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Product Descriptions

BASIC Nappy for babies is thoughtfully made with premium quality 100% Pure Cotton!
Extremely soft and gentle on the newborn baby’s skin. Comes in two different sizes for newborn babies from 0 to 9 months. Each
Nappy has double loops for size adjustment. No scratchy tags on the inside, only soft seams to keep skin irritation away.

Super cute unisex prints made using Azo-free dyes, ensuring complete safety on your baby’s delicate skin!

Which fabric is BASIC Nappy made of?

BASIC Nappy is made of premium quality 100% Pure Cotton that’s softest and gentlest on the newborn baby’s delicate skin.

How to pick the right Nappy size for my baby?

BASIC Nappy is available in two different sizes for newborn babies from 0 to 9 months. Small size for babies up to 5 kgs and Large size for babies between 5-10 kgs of weight.

How to wear BASIC Nappy?

Wash and dry BASIC Nappy before use. Open the Nappy and place the baby’s bum over the open Nappy. Put both the strings in any of the two suitable loops for the right snug fit and tie properly.

Is BASIC Nappy safe for the baby’s sensitive skin?

Yes, BASIC Nappy is CPSIA tested & Certified free from any harmful substances. Also, being made of 100% softest cotton and Azo-free dyes, it’s extremely gentle and safe on the newborn baby’s sensitive skin.