Super Soft Briefs & Bloomers (5)

Super Soft Briefs & Bloomers

BASIC Underwear for kids is made with the goodness of premium quality 100% Pure Cotton! Extremely soft, breathable, and stretchable for kids’ maximum comfort.

BASIC Underwear – FAQs

1.Is BASIC Underwear made of pure cotton?

Yes, BASIC Underwear is made of premium quality 100% Pure Cotton fabric which is naturally the best for kids’ comfort.

2.How to check a kid's underwear size?

BASIC Underwear is available in 4 different sizes starting from 6 months to 24 months. A kid’s underwear size can be determined based on the age group it falls in and the waist length mentioned in the size chart.

3.Is BASIC Underwear safe for kids’ sensitive skin?

Yes, BASIC Underwear is naturally soft, breathable, & soaks sweat to keep rashes away. Plus, it’s free from harmful Azo dyes. Hence, totally safe for kids’ sensitive skin.

4.What types and styles do BASIC Underwear come in? 

BASIC Underwear comes in two unisex styles namely, BASIC Underwear Bloomers & BASIC Underwear Briefs.