How to wear BASIC day diapers?

Congratulations on unboxing your first BASIC day diaper & welcome to the world of cloth diapering! We’re as excited as you are (we swear!). Apart from this utmost happiness, you must have received:

  1. A waterproof TPU lined diaper shell with SUPERDRYFEEL lining on the inside.
  2. A 100% cotton terry soaker with a SUPERDRYFEEL lining on the top to last 2-4 hours!

We all need some hand-holding in the beginning. And it always leads to something wonderful! Just follow these quick instructions that we fondly call WSPB & start your cloth diapering journey with us:

W – Wash before Use

Pre-wash your diaper with detergent in the machine or hand to reach full absorbency before the first usage.

S - Size your Diaper

See the 4 snap buttons in the front? It can be used to size the diaper for babies from 3 months- 3 years (5 kgs - 17 kgs). Simply adjust the diaper length by folding the diaper crotch and snapping it in place. No gap between the thigh & elastic will ensure no leakage!

P – Place the Soaker 

Snap the hourglass shaped Soaker Pad onto the pocket diaper shell for a comfortable fit!

B – BASIC on Baby

Place your baby’s bum over the open diaper & the trim crotch will give a snug fit with less gap between the legs. The symmetrical L-aligned snaps close easily on the waist snaps on both sides.

To not make it too tight, keep 1 finger gap around the stomach for flexibility.

And done! Now you & your baby can bond for 2-4 hours without any worry about leakage, wetness or rashes. You’re welcome!