BASIC EASY with 2 Pads


1. What is BASIC EASY Cloth Diaper?
BASIC EASY is a cloth diaper that comes with no pocket opening making it EASY to use!

2. What are the contents of BASIC EASY Cloth Diaper?
Your BASIC EASY comes with:
- 1 waterproof outer shell
- 2 prefold style quick drying pads

3. What is the meaning of "prefold style quick drying pad"?
As the name suggests - Prefold style quick drying pad is a foldable pad. This feature helps in drying the soaker sooner - as the pad can be unfolded and then put to dry.

4. What is the difference between BASIC EASY & BASIC Pocket Diaper?
The main difference between BASIC EASY & BASIC Pocket diaper is the absence of pocket in BASIC EASY which makes the diaper easy to use.
The pads / soakers in both are different too. BASIC EASY comes with a prefold style quick drying pad while BASIC Pocket Diaper comes with an hourglass shaped soaker.

5. Is the absorbency of BASIC EASY & BASIC Pocket Diaper the same?
Yes, the absorbency of both the diapers is equivalent.