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Pack of 6 Easy Clean Top Sheets

Pack of 6 Easy Clean Top Sheets

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Product Descriptions

Makes cleaning of pooped cloth diaper super easy!

Easy Clean Top Sheets- these sheets are placed over Dry Feel Pad and are essentially  SuperDryFeel™ sheets to keep the baby’s bums dry.

Dimension:  34×15 cms

Easy Clean Top Sheets comes in handy when you use creams/ lotions or any other medications on your baby. A very essential product to prevent the chemicals, perfumes, or medications from affecting the pad’s absorbency. They provide a dry feel to the baby.


How To Wear?

You need to simply place the easy clean top sheet on the pad. In case the baby poops, you can just remove the sheet and wash it and put the diaper for wash separately.


How To Wash?

Rinse pee/ poop in running wash and then add to regular laundry for handwash or machine wash.